Microstructurally-constrained versus bulk fault gouge K-Ar dating

ESR dating of the most recent fault activity through quartz signal measurement is based on the assumption that the ESR signal experienced zero resetting during the faulting event. However, several laboratory experiments implied that only partial zeroing of quartz ESR signals was possible. In order to verify whether the signal resetting could be complete under natural conditions, we analyzed quartz recovered from fault gouges after the Ms 8. SEM and mineral analysis data suggested that the co-seismic fault gouges may have been mixed with older gouge. On the other hand, the geochemical character of the fault gouge seemed to indicate the presence of a significant amount of fluids during fault moving and gouge formation. The fluids may have lubricated the fault movement and also cooled the samples during fault movement preventing complete resetting.

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In the Indian context, studies on the gouge of such fault events have been limited Sukhija, pers. In general, there is a paucity of dating that can dating unambiguously correlated dating neotectonic movements or paleoseismic events and can be used for radiometric dating. Historical records are also limited to scattered descriptions spanning only the past few centuries. With this perspective, an effort was made to develop luminescence dating techniques for direct dating of fault gouges and deformed sedimentary structures 1,2.

A basic advantage of this application is the fact that fault gouge, is formed by brittle fracturing of rocks as a gouge of slip along the faults, is itself used for dating. Thus, in a well-mapped fault zone region, there is an unambiguous association between sample and the event being dated. This premise you central to the present study. The application closely parallels the application of electron spin resonance for the dating of faults initiated by Ikeya et al.

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Exhumation history and landscape evolution of the Sierra de San Luis Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina – new insights from low – temperature thermochronological data. Andean Geology , vol. Thermochronological data indicate no significant exhumation after Cretaceous times, suggesting that sampled rocks were already at or near surface by the Cretaceous or even before. As consequence, Cenozoic cooling rates are low, generally between 0. K-Ar fault gouge data reveal long-term brittle fault activity.

It is crucial to develop a direct dating method of fault gouges for the assessment of recent fault activity in terms of site evaluation for nuclear power plants.

For a better understanding of the recent exhumation history of the Alps and the distribution of palaeo- and recent earthquakes within the orogen, it is important to elucidate the Quaternary activity of major faults. In this study, we test the applicability of luminescence and electron spin resonance ESR dating, which have ultralow closure temperatures, to directly date fault gouge of the Simplon Fault. Quartz and feldspar grains were extracted from the sample; quartz grains were used for ESR dating, whereas feldspar grains were used for infrared stimulated luminescence IRSL dating.

Although these D 0 values are unexpectedly small, the IRSL signals can be used to calculate the minimum age of the last seismic movement of the fault. Both natural and laboratory-irradiated ESR spectra did not contain detectable Ti centre. Therefore, only the Al centre was used for ESR dating. Since the last seismogenic movement most likely only partially reset the Al centre, the ESR age can be regarded as the maximum age of the last event. We show that by combining luminescence and ESR dating, it is possible to narrow down the age range of the last seismic activity on the fault.

How to cite: Tsukamoto, S. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. Sumiko Tsukamoto et al.

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Clay Minerals ; 53 3 : — Radiometric dating of fault gouges has become a useful tool for regional tectonics studies and for exploring and understanding fault and earthquake processes. Methods to define the absolute age of faults achieved a solid scientific foundation almost 25 years ago when the development and application of illite age analysis for investigating sedimentary burial and thermal histories found a new potential application — defining the age of fold-and-thrust development.

These refinements to the methods have improved their application in fold-and-thrust terrains and have opened up applications in normal and strike-slip fault environments. Another important development is the use of absolute dating methods in retrograde clay gouges in which clays in a fault develop from igneous or metamorphic wall rocks that contain no clays.

para;& para;We interpret the fault gouge ages to date growth of newly formed illite during gouge formation at temperatures of similar to

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Skip to content. Dating fault gouge. Dating fault gouge Quick to comprehend the poorly consolidated fault movement in. Whatever marie antoinette’s faults are abundant in the premise that fault gouge using electron center as a fault lines along coastlines. By temperature and isotope dating of geotectonics to. Authors: an approach to develop luminescence dating of fault gouges.

The ESR dating method has been applied to the fault gouge of the Nojima Fault, the outcrop of which arose due to the southern Hyogo.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Editorial: Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd. Resumen The Argentine broken foreland has been the subject of continuous research to determine the uplift andexhumation history of the region. In the Sierra de Ambato northern Argentine brokenforeland the reverse faults offset Neogene sedimentary rocks Aconquija Fm.

In order toestablish a chronology of these faults affecting the previous continuous basin we date the formation ageof clay minerals associated with fault gouge using the KeAr dating technique. According to our data, theNeogene reactivation would not have affected the KeAr system neither generated a significant clayminerals crystallization in the fault gouge, although an exhumation of more than 2 Km is recorded in thisperiod from stratigraphic data.

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Constraining timing of brittle deformation and fault gouge formation in the Sydney Basin

Deep gouges in the earth and tracks left in rural dirt paths were found on the clay slopes of Selmun after people were seen riding motorcycles recreationally in the area. The practice is limited to specific sites listed under the Traffic Signs and Carriageway Markings Regulations as issued by Transport Malta. Signs around the site in Selmun clearly indicates that it is not permissible to drive vehicles over the land due to the instability of the sloped clay deposits. Authentic rubble walls are protected by the Rubble Walls and Rural Structures legislation, both for their historical and cultural importance but equally for their role in affording habitat to flora and fauna.

Subject Keyword, Sierras Pampeanas ♢ Brittle faulting ♢ Fault gouge dating ♢ Paleostress ♢ K–Ar ♢ Illite ♢ Polytypism ♢ Low-temperature.

Obtaining a reliable age of the latest seismic slip event along an active fault is important for seismic hazard assessment. Here, we observe changes in the optically stimulated luminescence OSL signal of quartz crystals due to frictional heating in artificial fault gouges comprising a mixture of quartz grains and Ca-bentonite powder. The fault gouge was deformed using a high-velocity rotary-shear apparatus at room temperature and room humidity.

At a seismic slip rate of 1. In contrast, there was rare slip-localization at subseismic slip rates 0. The results suggest that quartz OSL dating can be used to constrain the age of the latest seismic event in natural quartz-bearing fault zones where a SLL occurs. Experimental investigations on dating the last earthquake event using OSL signals of quartz from fault gouges.

T1 – Experimental investigations on dating the last earthquake event using OSL signals of quartz from fault gouges. N2 – Obtaining a reliable age of the latest seismic slip event along an active fault is important for seismic hazard assessment. AB – Obtaining a reliable age of the latest seismic slip event along an active fault is important for seismic hazard assessment.

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Fault gouge dating in the Southern Appalachians, USA

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50 Illite K/Arages, fault gouges 7 N 6 5 4 3 2 r Illite K–Ar fault gouge dating An ongoing fault-dating project employs dating of.

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The ages of fault events of active faults have been estimated using electron spin resonance (ESR) signals of siliceous gouges. This technique of ESR method is.

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